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The Industry Standard for Eliminating the Gas Smell from your Car, Truck or Boat.
Established 2020 Gilbert, AZ

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Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce innovation to car enthusiasts by offering a unique and compelling charcoal vapor canister. We pride ourselves on providing a high-quality billet aluminum canister that is proudly made in the USA for all who struggle with raw fuel smells in their garages or storage areas. Our purpose is to stand out as the most effective and superior option available on the market.

Our Story

We're Classic Car Restorations, a classic car restoration shop.  WE LOVE beautiful old cars and make people happy by maintaining them, or occasionally even bringing them back to life. 

A few years back, Owner Tom Mischke was presented with a challenge when a customer brought him a 1962 Jaguar that was emitting a strong gasoline odor. Looking at the fuel tank, Tom sought to find a way to capture the vapors that were being vented directly into the atmosphere. Knowing that activated charcoal is used to capture odors, Tom looked everywhere for an existing charcoal cannister that could be adapted to automotive use. When he couldn’t find one, he decided to make it himself.

Their most recent innovation, Vapor Trapper, is poised to change the classic car hobby in a major way. Before EPA regulations mandated closed loop fuel systems, gasoline vapors were an annoyance that had to be tolerated by every auto owner. Today, people just expect their vehicles TO NOT SMELL LIKE GAS and if they do – it’s a sign that something is terribly wrong!  But if you own a vintage car, truck, or even a modern built hotrod with a new fuel injected engine, you probably go out into your garage, and it smells like gas.

The result is Vapor Trapper, a universal billet aluminum charcoal cannister that traps gasoline vapors before they can escape from the fuel system. Easily installed anywhere above fuel tank level, Vapor Trapper absorbs gas odors while allowing the fuel tank to vent normally. The charcoal lasts for a long time. When it becomes saturated, simply unscrew the top, replace the charcoal, and the Vapor Trapper is ready to go. Vapor Trapper is now installed on every car that passes through Tom’s shop.

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Awards And Recognition

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The Vapor Trapper™ was named by Hagerty as one of their
top 18 picks for SEMA 2023!


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